Does the arrival of the Internet mean the end of natural monopolies?

The new digital monopolies – natural, beneficial or intolerable? A monopoly (from […]

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Ford T or the Long Tail?

The dimensions of product complexity Ever since the launch of the Ford […]

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Ford T ou Longue Traine

Did somebody say agile?

What can we learn from the latest trends in software design?   […]

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eleven is the first ever European strategy firm specifically founded to address the challenges of the digital revolution.

Our team notably consists of senior consultants who cut their professional teeth in leading strategy consulting firms (AT Kearney, Booz&Co, Bossard, Gemini Consulting), having previously graduated from top universities in either engineering or business.

Thanks to our unique blend of strategic capabilities and well-honed technical expertise, we are capable of devising and implementing strategies that fully leverage the range of opportunities the digital revolution brings, focusing on four complementary fields

Disruptive Innovation

Drive disruptive innovation that will generate tomorrow’s revenue and add a new dimension to your business

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Digital Operations

Boost your team’s performance by harnessing the full power of the very latest digital tools

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Smart Data

Gain a better understanding of your business by analysing data across the firm

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Spark change within your teams and drive your transformation projects to success

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